Welcome to Energy Zone
Providing reliable, affordable solutions for all types of renewable energy
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Welcome to Energy Zone
Providing reliable, affordable solutions for all types of renewable energy
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Welcome to Energy Zone
Providing reliable, affordable solutions for all types of renewable energy
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Welcome to Energy Zone
Providing reliable, affordable solutions for all types of renewable energy
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EnergyZone is a family business situated in the rural countryside of South Shropshire.

We have provided domestic and commercial renewable energy services for over 20 years.

Our skilled team have the knowledge to design, install and maintain your renewable energy system, whilst ensuring that your property’s characteristics and your personal requirements are fully catered for.
Heat Pumps
Heat pumps work by extracting heat from the Air, Ground or Water, which is then used to heat refrigerant which is then compressed, raising the temperature up to 65C.

With the continuing rise of fuel prices, for any home- owner who has an Oil or LPG boiler our heat pump fired solutions are definitely worth considering.
Solar PV

Solar PV (Photovoltaic) systems are designed to provide free electricity for your home or business. We are able to tailor our systems to the requirements and parameters of each individual client, whether new build or retrofit, roof mounted or ground mounted.


Ventilation Systems
We have a variety of Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) Systems that can be designed around your project’s specific requirements.

Simply put a MVHR helps your property to breathe. It balances the extraction of warmed air from within the property and replaces it with fresh filtered air with minimal heat loss.


Batteries are a brilliant way to extend your use of free solar energy.

Storing your excess PV energy throughout the day to use at night provides a much greater return on investment and give you more security from the volatile energy prices.


EV Charging
Home EV charging points have now become the most popular and convenient way to charge your vehicle.

EV Chargers are now smarter than ever before, allowing you to track grid costs so you can charge when prices are low, as well as incorporating your solar generated electricity, meaning you can drive cheaper and cleaner.


EZ Care

EZCare is our very own in-house insurance and service cover designed to provide you with continual support even after the completion of your EnergyZone installation.


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We were very impressed with the guys who installed our solar panels, batteries and ASHP. They were all very efficient, polite and helpful.

Mr Leach

Thanks for everyone at EnergyZone for all your hard work to make the installation of our solar PV system so straightforward.

Mr Robertson

Nothing too much trouble. Can't fault the service received.

Mr Hall

Excellent job.

Mrs Thompson

All the staff were friendly, well informed, helpful and customer-focused. In a fast moving market it is refreshing to find a company driven by finding the right technical solution rather than just making a quick sale. Thank you.

Mr Davies

Excellent company with great service throughout the install and commissioning.

Mr Greaves

The house is more evenly warm than when on gas heating. Even during coldest weather, we find no need to supplement the heating.

Mr Cooke

I think we are extremely lucky to have Energy Zone in Cleobury. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and that Energy Zone goes from strength to strength in 2022.

Ms Bland

Cannot recommend Energy Zone high enough for their installation, products and superb customer car. I believe that we in South Shropshire are extremely fortunate to have this company on our doorstep.


I take this opportunity to congratulate all your engineers who delivered and installed our system- great ambassadors for your company.

Mr Smith

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