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We combine our technical expertise with our friendly and professional team of advisors and installers to maximise the efficiency of your home whilst capitalising on the various financial Government backed tariffs available. We also maximise savings made on your energy and fuel bills.
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Solar PV

Our Photovoltaic (PV) systems are tailored to the requirements and parameters of each individual client; whether new build or retrofit, roof mounted or ground-mount.

Using market leading equipment our systems are designed to provide free electricity for your home or business using low maintenance hardware offering high rates of efficiencies and warranties.

We provide the highest quality of systems, giving you the best possible yields, at a affordable prices.  


Solar Thermal

Solar Water Heating and Solar Thermal systems are possibly the most commonly installed form of renewable energy system.

It is also one of the most cost effective ways to reduce your utility bills at the same time as helping the environment.

Fundamentally, a Solar Thermal system comprises of a solar panel unit or bank of evacuated tubes designed to convert sunlight into heat.

This heat can be used to heat domestic hot water or make a contribution towards your central heating


Heat Pumps

Heat pumps work by extracting heat from the Air, ground or water, which is then used to heat a refrigerant which is then compressed, raising the temperature up to 65°C.

Heat pumps can be fitted to virtually any building, be it a stand alone installation or in combination with a fossil fuel boiler as a bivalent solution.

They are installed so that they are visually as discrete as possible so they produce a minimal of unwanted noise.

With the continuing rise of fuel prices, for any home-owner who has an Oil or LPG boiler our heat pump fired solutions are definitely worth considering.


Wood Stoves

A wood stove is an efficient direct heating fire that will warm the room it is in and spread the warmth throughout the house.

It does need laying every day and the ash needs clearing but the warmth of a real log fire is very comforting.


Bio-mass Boiler

Burning wood is the most Carbon neutral method of heating your house.

It has been the main source of heat for thousands of years and as long as your wood comes from a managed source and is replaced.

The Carbon emissions from the burning wood are more than compensated for by the absorption by the newly planted trees.


Heating Systems

We are able to offer underfloor heating systems for all types of project, floor coverings and floor constructions.

We can integrate easily into existing heating systems, for extensions, renovations as well as new build projects.

Our material suppliers are members of BEAMA Underfloor Heating, the UK national trade association for underfloor heating, meaning that all the components meet or exceed the toughest UK and European standards and are designed in accordance with standards such as BS EN 1264.


EZ Care

Comprehensive insurance and service cover for all heatpump installations

Like all mechanical equipment, your renewable system requires an annual health check to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible.

Here at EnergyZone we can offer several servicing contracts for all forms of renewable technologies, from Solar Thermal and Heat-pumps right through to Biomass boilers using our highly experienced team of engineers.

Ventilations Systems

We can deliver a variety of Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery systems.

All of our solutions can be designed around your project’s specific requirements.

Our systems comply with current Building Regulations Part F and therefore show a reduction in noise pollution and heat loss.

These types of systems remove indoor pollution without draughts.


Our main objectives at EnergyZone are; providing reliable, affordable solutions for all types of renewable and conventional energy, delivering a professional and efficient service and ensuring your property’s unique characteristics and your personal requirements are fully addressed.

Our expertise can help you capitalise on the various financial Government-backed tariffs available as well as maximising savings made on your energy and fuel bills. 

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In brief, EnergyZone provide Domestic and Commercial renewable energy services including solar panels, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, solar water heating and thermal systems plus air, ground, water source and solar assisted heat pump installation services in the areas of Shrewsbury, Worcester, Wolverhampton, Telford and Hereford plus all around Shropshire and Worcestershire in the West Midlands.

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