Solar PV

Photovoltaic (PV) systems are tailored to the requirements and parameters of each individual client; whether new build or retrofit, roof mounted or ground-mount.

pv-on-roofPhotovoltaic or PV as it is more commonly known, produces electricity from sunlight. Systems are tailored to the requirements and parameters of each individual client, with panels and inverters improving all the time. This allows us a greater scoop when designing your system allowing PV to be viable in more scenarios than previously possible.

Our brief is a simple one; to maximise the electricity generated and to capitalise on this generation via managing your yield effectively.

The benefits presented by a PV system are three-fold; firstly, having a grid connected system entitles you to the Government backed feed in tariff. For a system of 4Kw and under, this retail-index linked grant will pay you 4.01 pence for every kilowatt hour* produced. To put that into context, a Southerly facing, none shaded PV system will produce around 3600Kwh per year. That’s worth in the region £144.36.

The second benefit is you will be entitled to an export tariff, also index linked, currently standing at 5.24 pence per kilowatt exported. For ‘Domestic’ installations (systems under 30Kw in size) the amount of units exported is not directly measured and therefore is ‘deemed’ at 50%. You are paid this regardless of if you have used all of your units and exported none. This is worth around an extra £94.32 per year based on the aforementioned system’s yield.

The final benefit, is of course, you will have the ability to produce free electricity and to some degree be self-sufficient. You will still have an electrical bill, however this will be dramatically reduced and will ultimately be a representation of your evening and night time usage.

Essentially any electricity produced by your system is made available primarily for your household appliance’s requirements, with any excess simply exported. The Feed in Tariff (FiTs) is guaranteed by the Government for 20-years.

* Tariff rate current 1st April to 30th June 2018 (rates taken from Ofgem e-serve)

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