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What is Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery?

Now that homes and businesses are becoming better insulated to trap heat within the building, there is a significant lack of natural ventilation. Unfortunately, everyday activities like cooking and showering produces excess moisture which then collects on cold surfaces, such as walls and windows, and causes damp and mould. This over time contributes to poor indoor air quality. The Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) effectively helps your property to breathe.

How does it work?

The MVHR works to replace the warm stale air from moist rooms with fresh filtered air. It does this by using a small amount of electricity to extract the stale air from the room and passing it through a heat extractor. This then retains the heat that would otherwise be lost, and transfers it to the fresh filtered air that is being extracted from outside. This warm fresh air is then resupplied back into the rooms, providing better air quality and eliminating any mould or damp.

All of our MVHR systems are designed around your specific requirements and are compliant with Building Regulations Part F, meaning there are no noisy fans or draughty trickle ventilators in windows.
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Benefits of MVHR systems

  • Extremely energy efficient, retaining 91% of heat
  • With no noisy fans, operation is very quietly
  • Improves indoor air quality without any draughts
  • Air movement prevents damp, condensation and black mould
  • No unsightly trickle ventilators in windows
  • Our systems require minimal maintenance
  • Works with a variety of control options
  • Seamless integration between the MVHR and other heating solutions

Provide Heating and Cooling

Our EnergyZone’s MVHR systems can be incorporated into one of our ground source solutions, which will provide you with active cooling throughout the summer months. A heater battery can also be used when linked to a heat pump, to help provide a subtle boost in heat during the colder months.

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