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What are Inverters?

A solar inverter is used to convert the collected DC (direct current) from the solar panels to AC (alternating current) which is the required electricity flow for domestic appliances. The type of inverter you need depends on the size of the PV system and the size of your property.
Unfortunately, Solar PV inverters can and often do fail. Due to the intense work inverters do to convert the electricity current for up to 10-12 hours, there is an inevitable strain on the device which unfortunately means you’ll probably need to replace your inverter every 10-15 years.

If your PV system is showing signs of failure or underperformance, it could be the right time for an upgrade.

Why Upgrade?

The SolarEdge system utilizes optimisers which individually manage each panel within your array, helping to increase performance and maximise both output and generation. This solution is particularly useful in situations where partial shading is present such as a dormer window or tree. An increase in generation by as much as 20% can be achieved from the same roof space using your existing panels- view it in the same way as your car’s engine can be remapped to increase its performance.

Optimizers can be retrofitted to any system but the starting point is the removal of your panels from the roof and fixing the optimizers to the PV mounting rail in required arrangement. With the roof ‘naked’ like this, roof hangers rail fixtures can be checked- a spring clean if you will. Once the optimisers are in place, the panels can do back on with the end result appearing no different from the original array.
Inverter- Why Upgrade

Do I need to upgrade?

The million-dollar question. We would suggest looking at upgrading your current string inverter if your system is over 4 years old. This isn’t to say your current unit is not performing well, but your generation figures could be enhanced using this upgrade with the addition benefit of a new 12- year product warranty.

It is important to note that an upgrade is not needed for everyone. We will assess each site on a case by case basis, if it would not improve your yield, we will tell you.

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