Ventilation Systems

We can deliver a variety of Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery systems, like all of our solutions; we can design around your project’s specific requirements.

Sentinel_KineticMechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery or MVHR, as it is more commonly known, helps 
your property to breathe. Heat losses linked to air movement and ventilation are the last hurdle for super insulated and airtight buildings. MVHR effectively balances the extraction of warmed air from within the property and replaces it with fresh filtered air with minimal heat loss all year round.

Our MVHR systems are, like all of our solutions, designed around your projects specific requirements. Fully Building Regulations Part F compliant, therefore meaning no noisy extractor fans or draughty trickle ventilators in windows. This in itself reduces noise pollution and heat loss greatly.

The main advantages of our MVHR systems are;

– The units we specify are energy efficient, operating very quietly.
– Constantly changing the air removes indoor pollution without draughts.
– Promoting these air changes helps alleviate problems such as damp, condensation and black mould.
– No unsightly trickle ventilators in windows.
– A variety of control options (including condensation control)
– Seamless integration between the MVHR and heating solutions.

EnergyZone’s MVHR systems can be incorporated into one of our ground source solutions, providing active cooling throughout the summer months. A heater battery can also be utilised, again linked to the heatpump, helping to provide a subtle boost during colder months - most applicable in well insulated new build properties with little or perimeter heating only upstairs.

For more information on Energy Zone’s Ventilation Systems please contact us on 01299 270011.