Solar Assisted Heat Pump

What is Solar Assisted Heat Pump?

As good as it gets. Solar assisted heat pumps are basically ground source heat pumps being boosted via a solar thermal collector. This solar heat is directed into the ground loop, pre heating the ground or water collector making it both more efficient as well as adding a safe guard against a reduction of collector temperature. This means the heat pump has a higher starting point temperature to work its magic, translating to a higher COP and ultimately lower running costs. Being a classed as a ground source heat pump, this solution attracts the RHI associated with this technology.

Energyzone have both domestic and commercial projects using this technology within our portfolio, with SCOPs approaching 7.0 being recorded.

Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) that solar assisted heat pump technology attracts is the highest of the heat incentives. This is in part to help offset the extra installation costs associated with this solution verses say air source.

Currently the tariff rate for new ground source installations is 20.46p/kWh* for domestic installations.

Below is an example of what this equates to in terms income for a standard 3-4 bed detached property;

Property size = 200m²
Property age = 1980’s
Property insulation standard = filled cavity and required 250mm of loft insulation

Estimated payment:
Payment per quarter = £1,225
Payment over 7-years = £34,300 (excludes year on year inflation percentages)

* Tariff rate taken from Ofgem with the rate running from 1st April until 30th May 2018.

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