Heating Stats and Controls

The key to getting the most efficient performance from any type of heating system is control. Here at EnergyZone we can offer a wide range of control solutions from simple dial thermostats right through to cutting edge solutions featuring smart geolocation technology and home automation integration.neostat_black

More often than not customers opt for the Heatmiser’s NeoStats. Both slim and stylish in design, and just a little larger than a standard light switch, the Neostat is available in three colours and can be controlled from anywhere via the Neohub. In addition the user can also add Neoplugs to the system to control other devices from the same app on any smartphone. We have a large range of control devices that we can link seamlessly into our systems providing simple to use controls.

For more information on EnergyZone’s Heating Stats and Controls solutions please contact us on 01299 270011.