Bio-mass Boiler

Biomass boilers are effectively boilers that produce heat by burning either compressed wooden pellets, wood chip or logs (as in log gasification) rather than the conventional fossil fuels.

bio-mass-materialBiomass boilers have the ability to produce high temperature solutions in a similar vein to their ‘dirty’ counterparts lending themselves perfectly to older, poorly insulated properties or much larger sites where the heating demands out of reach of a heat pump. In these situations, biomass can help to provide a solution that offers the same level of heating output but at a lower running cost with the additional benefit of the attached Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Domestically the biomass RHI payment is based upon the deemed space and water heating figure calculated for your home, culminating in four quarterly payments every year for seven-years, again regardless upon your actually system usage.

Larger Commercial scale projects of above 45kW are subject to a measured tariff, meaning payments are based upon actually heat generated but the tariff duration is 20-years with systems being designed to provide heating and hot water to potentially more than one property.

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